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This Resource page has all the Domaining Websites I use on a daily basis
Welcome to my Resources Page, a curated list of domain websites I strongly recommend for buying, building and optimizing your Domain Business.

I use these domain websites every day. Many of the resources listed here are crucial to my buying and selling domain names, without them I don’t think that I would have made thousands of Dollars without them. These sites were crucial to me at the start of my journey and some of them are just recommendations.

Before digging into these awesome resources I know and trust here is an Important disclosure.
The Ultimate Domain Name Search Tool.  

Search through over 150 million registered domain names across hundreds of extensions. Save as many custom queries as you like to your local device to be recalled easily.

ZFBot zone file data is refreshed daily.
Find a great available domain name for your website in seconds  

Lean Domain Search is a domain name generator that helps you find great available domain names for your websites.

Use the search bar and search through hundreds of domains with the keyword you used. I’ve used this website loads of times to find new domain names. Some of which I have sold for a good profit.

There are plenty of good domain names out there, but it’s never been easy to find them until now.
Join more than 14 million people who use MailChimp to grow their businesses on their terms.  

I use Mailchimp for all my websites. It is fantastic and easy to use.

They boast having over 14 Million users. One of the best things about using a mail sending service like Mailchimp is that when you’re starting out, useually you’ll only get one months trial or pay full whack before you even have one subscriber, MailChimp offers this completely free of charge.

In fact you can collect up to 2000 emails before you have to pay anything.

Mailchimp is my most recommended mail service.

I’m even recommending this without even getting a commission, thats how much I like what Mailchimp Offer.
Free domain appraisal and domain productivity tools.  

A GoDaddy company Afternic offers free listing and your domain to be shown on 100+ of their partner sites.

Afternic is the world’s premiere domain marketplace, listing more than five million premium domain names available for sale and receiving more than 75 million domain searches each month.

I usually find domains listed on Afternic on GoDaddy when I am hand registering new domain names. I recommend listing on Afternic, as I receive more Inquiries for my domain names here, than anywhere else.
Domain Name Prices, the most complete database of 1,500,000+ [premium] online asset sales worth $6,000,000,000.00+ of deals and much more 

I love this website. You can search any type of domain or keyword and see how much it sold for in the past. stays for Domain Name Prices and is the most complete database of [premium] domain name sales online. It is founded on the principles of bringing more transparency into the domaining industry.

I find one of the best ways to use this website is, if you are re-searching a keyword type it into the search bar and you will see what types of domains sold with that keyword.#1 For Buying Domains & Auctions  

Is the the Registrar where I purchase all my Domain names from VR to Brand names,

GoDaddy has it all. As the world’s #1 domain name registrar, GoDaddy offers everything your you need to create you’re own Web presence, all for up to 70% less than their competitors!

Forget about paying full price for a domain name, clicking on my link offers you the chance to pick a .com for as little as $.99.

I recommend GoDaddy 100%.

Get your Domain Today
Database contains sales totaling $1.4 billion.  

I can’t recommend this site enough, it is great. Searching past sales is so easy and there is many different features to search with.

They also have a Daily report of sales with I personally find very helpful. Another great feature is that they post everyday domains in auction that have had past sales, check this out as its great to pick up domains with value.
Free domain appraisal and domain productivity tools. is a great place to roughly price your domain name.

Just type in the domain with the extension and you will see what they value it at. They are great at valuing domains that have been sold or domains that are keyword and short LLL or LLLL names.

Only thing is if you have a brandable, they can’t really value that, that kind of name is only for Start-ups, products and the like.

When you search the value of a domain on Estibot be sure to look at the type-in-traffic to see if your domain is being searched, that is a handy way to see if your domain is re-sellable.

Expired Domain Name Search Engine  

Everyday Thousands of domain names expire. There are many different reasons for this, owners forgot to renew the domains, some just don’t want them anymore or they moved on to other projects or worst of all for them, they died.

This is where I spend most of my time, looking for great bargains, searching through the many different extensions that provide. You can buy from the closeout section, expired domains, search any keyword you want, domains that are in Auction or choose domains with a buy now price from loads of different Marketplaces. gathers all the information you need to find good Expired Domains that are Pending Delete and you can Backorder. Depending on the domain extension you can search through thousands of domains every day before they get released to the public and pick what you like.

Giving everyone a voice in the future of the Internet.  

ICANNWiki is a great place to learn about anything about the Domaining Industry. I use it myself for finding out about known domainers and domain websites. It is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Internet community’s collaborative development of wiki articles on ICANN and Internet Governance-related topics.

It is an open platform governed by wiki values, such as Neutral Point of View, transparency, assuming good faith, and building together. The project is independent of ICANN, and is based out of Portland, Oregon, USA.
World’s Largest Registrar · 1000’s of New Domains · Ranked #1 in Reliability, my most recommended registrar.

Ok there are loads of registrars out there, but why am I recommending

I find that buying a Domain from GoDaddy simple, safe and quick. I have my PayPal & Creditcard set up with them so when I come to buying a domain, I simple just click a button or two and the names mine.

By clicking on the GoDaddy button or Logo, you will avail of my $0.99 Domain offer just for you. 🙂
#Ramp up your business: Buy, sell, & lease great domains.  

Ramped is a new Marketplace in the Domain Industry,

I really like this place, as all domains are chosen by Professional Domain Brokers who have extensive knowledge in domain names.

Not like other Marketplaces, Ramped boasts itself having high quality domain name auctions without the clutter of rubbish names.

One of the coolest things about Ramped is that any auction won over $2,000 are automatically brokered via and they even cover escrow fees so you don’t have to.
Buy, Sell, Discuss Domain Names  

I’ll be honest,

Without NamePros, I would not be here today.

When I learned about Domain names a few years back, I had no clue about anything except how to registrar Domains. Learning about why a name is good doesn’t just come to you, It’s something you need to learn and the best way is from others.

At NamePros, they have the biggest Domaining community on the net, with close to a Million members. You will go in a Newbie and eventually, come out a Pro.
Explore more than 279 billion web pages saved over time  

This is a great tool that I use to see what Domains were used for before I buy them.

You can see back as far as the late 90s to present day what was on the domain before today. For 20 years, they have backed you up websites so that you and I can glimpse into the past.

If you like what they do and you’d like to continue using the WayBack Machine it’s free, but they do need our help. If you think that this is a service that is extremely Important for the future of the Internet you can donate $5 or more, it’s your own decision so you can make up your own mind if you’d like to contribute.

Thanks Guys….

Click the “Click Here" button to see more!
The Entrepreneur’s Marketplace, Buy and sell websites, domains and apps  

Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace, where you can discover new business opportunities. We are the world’s number 1 destination for buying and selling web businesses, domain names and mobile apps.

I use Flippa’s Marketplace to sell unusual domain, the like of which include domain hacks, .xyz and types of brands. Flippa is very popular with .io and continues to sell, every month over $5m worth of businesses.

Flippa is part of the large and nurturing SitePoint family of web start-ups that include 99designs, as well as

When I pick up Domains here, I usually go to auctions that are ending and sometimes if i’m lucky, I get great domains like
The Domain Name Authority  

When I found DomainSherpa on iTunes, I think it was one of the best days of my life. Ha ha, only messing.

But seriously, DomainSherpa is the go to Podcast and website for learning about Domain names, it is the source for unbiased, authoritative information to help you discover, acquire, manage, monetize and sell domain names.

I listen religiously every week to Michael Cyger, who everyweek has Domainers come on as Sherpa’s to help others and be a Sherpa for you.
Editorials and interviews focusing on the domain name industry.  

Domain Name Journal is an Internet Edge, Inc. company. Internet Edge, Inc. is a Florida corporation founded in 2000 that is focused on web publishing, domain sales and monetization.

Domain Name Journal was created and went online Jan. 1, 2003. The publication has enjoyed rapid growth since then thanks to he terrific co-operation and support they have received from key individuals and companies throughout the industry.

The Editor and Chief of the Online Publication is Ron Jackson who has a long History with Domain names starting back in 1997 just as Domain names were becoming a thing.

Domain Name Wire is a news source for the domain name industry written by industry experts and edited by Andrew Allemann.  

I follow Domain Name Wire on Twitter, where I first found them. If you want to know the latest news and topics are relevant for domain name owners, intellectual property attorneys, trademark lawyers, domain registrars, domain services companies and anyone interested in the domain name industry, this is the place to go.

Allemann, a resident of Austin, TX, has been in the domain industry since 1997. He has been quoted in New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Sydney Morning Herald, NPR, Fortune, Guardian and other major publications.

on to see more!
NamesCon is the biggest domain name industry event in the world  

I haven’t yet been to NamesCon, but I hope to in the Future.

NamesCon is the largest annual domain-industry conference, attracting attendees from around the globe.

Attend compelling keynotes, informative panels, and hands-on workshops led by industry experts.

Facilitate valuable connections through engaging social events and structured business networking opportunities.

Have fun! NamesCon is an energetic 4-day event set against the backdrop of fabulous Las Vegas, so you’ll have no shortage of activities to fill your schedule.

Connect to all aspects of the industry with registrars, registries, web hosting companies, attorneys, brand managers, investors, entrepreneurs, affiliate and digital marketers, and individual end-users in attendance.

DNAcademy is the most comprehensive domain name investing course ever. Learn how to buy and sell domain names from industry experts.  

DNAcademy is the brain child of Micheal Cyger.

This is the place to learn how to Domain. You can read and watch all you want online but here, on DNAcademy all the information that you need to make great buys and even better sales with domain names is all in one place.

Michael has run a successful Domain Podcast “" where he has interviewed some of the greatest minds of the domain industry. Here he has Sherpas explain how they bought low and sold high. With DNAcademy he has squashed all that great, fantastic, action taking skills and put them all into this Academy.


“It’s a course so comprehensive and powerful that uniregistry, arguably one of the most successful domain names sales organizations in the world, has standardized on DNAcademy for training new sales and service employees."

I have not taken this course, but I do recommend it for one reason only, and that reason is Michael. Listening to Michael on over the years has educated me on his extensive knowledge in Domains.
Super simple domain name backorders  

This is one of my favourite places to go search for backorder domains.

At you browse the domains that are coming out og expiration to find the one you want. They only charge if they can secure the domain for you.

The starting price for any domain at is $99, only if they can get it for you and your the only bidder.

It’s painless. At you’ll be treated like a friend, rather than a customer. Their catch-through rate is superb.

They don’t only do .io but many more like

.ly – .to – .me – .sh – .ac – .vc – .gg – .je – .mn – .bz – .ag – .sc – .lc
Award winning domain name Industry publication on domain news, gTLD's, registrars and registries. is an industry news site publishing up-to-date content created by domain name experts. Since its launch in 2007 the site has become the leading source for domain information and discussion. publishes guest articles from leaders in the domain community, including, Thies Lindenthal creator of IDNX, Tom Barrett founder of the domain name registrar, Mark Collier SEO expert, and Paul Raynor Keating, Esq, Phil Corwin Esq, and Dan Warner to name a few.
Naming businesses since 2007, BrandBucket is the original marketplace for business names.  

Top branding agencies can charge 6- or 7-figures for a brand name (that hopefully comes with a matching .com domain name).

And you know what? If your company can actually afford it, it can be worth it. That’s how important a name is.

But for everyone else, especially entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping it, Brandbucket provides a less expensive, and less time-consuming option for highly brandable names. And truth be told, some of those branding agencies mentioned, actually search the catalogs for the names they present to clients.
Uniregistry is quick and accurate whether managing a single name or 100,000. ... Uniregistry knows the exact status of your domains and why they get held up.  

Uniregistry lets you buy, sell, and manage your domain names like never before. We make the whole experience effortless and delightful. are an ICANN-accredited registrar, and pride ourselves on our honesty,

They are an ICANN-accredited registrar, and pride ourselves on their honesty, integrity and transparency.
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